A collection of Neanderthal artifacts

Ancient Fontmaure

Remnants of Neanderthal culture in West Central France

Pieter C. Huisman (1952)


I am a Dutch teacher who has developed a fascination for Neanderthal culture.

 With this website publication I like to share it with you.

In the year 2000 the Educational Museum of The Hague (MUSEON), The Netherlands, launched a small exhibition about prehistoric tools and art: “Gedoogd Verleden” (A Tolerated Past), about Neanderthal people of the open air site of Fontmaure, West Central France.


Mr. Tedde Toet, together with a small group of friends and relations, was invited by the MUSEON to organize a special exhibition of their collections; these being evidence of, besides the technical qualities of our ancient relatives, the figurative expression of their natural environment of animals and humans.


Based on the original MUSEON 2000 exhibition and enlarged with other collections, in this study I present findings and (tentative) conclusions of more than two decades of research into “Ancient Fontmaure, remnants of Neanderthal Culture in West Central France”.


Fully aware that this research was done mainly outside the sphere of professional academic archeologists, I, however, find that the result of my work is at least worth being presented to and considered as well as challenged by these professionals; in other words: please prove me wrong.


The Hague, May 2nd 2019

Pieter C. Huisman


The cover of the exhibition booklet