A collection of Neanderthal artifacts

Ancient Fontmaure

Remnants of Neanderthal culture in West Central France


Without the assistance of friends and relations this publication would not have been possible.

Alas, Tedde Toet and Kees Evenblij, who, as friends and teachers, wholeheartedly initiated me into the world of Mousterian artifacts, have passed away.

Part of their Middle Paleolithic collections are at the basis of the present Huisman Collection published on this website.


Heavily indebted I am to Niek van Rijswijk, a longtime family friend, travel mate and collector of archaeological and ethnographic artifacts. For the past 20 years Niek, an expert on Paleolithic art, has investigated the artifacts published on this website – disagreeing from time to time, but always amicably and with enough food for thought.

Truly gastronomically, Martin van der Velde, another member of the Fontmaure fellowship, is our chief cook and “famous stargazer”.


For scenic photography, good company and profoundly intelligent conversations I thank my friend, Richard Gout.


Further I would like to thank Richard Wilson, old friend and staunch correspondent on Paleo art – honor and pleasure to have met him.


Many thanks to Matthijs Vos, academic friend and passionate collector of Mousterian artifacts, for his research in the archaeological literature about Fontmaure and my collection.


Pascale de Mari offered me her help in reviewing the French text about our Fontmaure relations.  Merci bien, Pascale!




None of my Neanderthal artifacts was camera shy for the spontaneous offer of my dear neighbor and friend, the most patient and accurate professional photographer Annemieke Vink.


Ici je tiens à remercier la famille de Paul et Marie-France Durand pour son amitié et son hospitalité pendant presque vingt-cinq ans.

De même la famille Souriau est sincèrement remerciée.  Toutes nos visites à Fontmaure forment la base du livre actuel.


Passionate about prehistory and undoubtedly under some magic spell of Neanderthal archeology, I from the bottom of my heart thank my wife Johanna Groenveld and our sons Artur and Bran for how they coped (and still cope) with me as husband and father, who, though deeply fascinated by this ancient world, has never forgotten his precious family, with the people he loves most.


Pieter C. Huisman, Den Haag


Grateful for their contributions to the Huisman Collection I here mention:


• Tedde Toet

• Niek van Rijswijk

• Pieter Huisman

• Kees Evenblij

• Herman van der Made

• Bran Huisman

• Ad Wouters


In memory of Tedde Toet and Kees Evenblij friends and teachers